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Our CEO, Jed Jones, PhD, founded Ambient Array in 2023. With over 17 years of agency ownership experience, Jed and his team have supported over 250 clients in all aspects of marketing, from research to design to digital campaigns to SEO.

Jed is fascinated by process, systems and data. But he also speaks “human” fluently and believes that direct, honest communication between agency and client is the only way to raise the bar and achieve maximum success.

A Superior Agency Experience

We founded Ambient Array with the intention of delivering a superior agency experience to small to midsize B2B firms with in-house marketing teams. Our experience includes:

  • Giving our clients direct access to the best minds in the agency
  • Setting up internal and client-facing processes that are consistent, transparent and efficient
  • Seeking to understand each client’s unique voice before devising a marketing strategy
  • Executing the plan consistently and with precision, since the best plan is not worth the blueprint it’s printed on if it’s not executed properly

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How We’re Unique

A data-infused, systemic approach to marketing

Our Experience

A strategic hand, guided by experience


Insights from our team of marketing experts

Ambient Array welcomes all prospective clients to start a conversation. If you’ve grown tired of the standard agency experience, we’re just what you’ve been looking for.